Who are MHK International?

  • Directors, Anwar Harland-Khan & Riaz Khan established MHK International in 2003, having successfully invested in international property for 10 years.
  • The two brothers began by establishing a research & analysis team who identify specific investment opportunities in emerging markets.
  • MHK has a core team of professional individuals passionate about exploring and identifying real estate opportunities in emerging markets.
  • In addition they have established relationships with legal & financial professionals within each of their primary markets.

What do they do?

  • Identify dynamic real estate investment opportunities within emerging markets.
  • Forge strong partnerships with leading developers in these markets.
  • Conduct thorough due diligence and negotiation on behalf of their clients.
  • Assist their clients in building robust & diverse real estate investment portfolios.
  • Work with specialist IFA’s to help clients invest efficiently.

What makes them different?

  • MHK are not an agency.
  • Sound investments are what they base their reputation on. If it’s not sound they will not offer it to their clients.
  • They work with a small portfolio of private clients from first time to experienced investors.
  • They provide a one-to-one consultative approach to investors.
  • They don’t charge any fees or commissions to their clients.
  • They negotiate below market price.
  • With family roots across five continents, they have established themselves in each of their markets at ground level.
  • They employ local teams in these markets, enabling them to anticipate changes in local areas that both positively and negatively impact upon land and property values.
  • Being a boutique company gives them the agility to respond quickly to opportunities, and match them to the investment criteria of individual clients.

Who are their clients?

  • MHK have a diverse portfolio of private clients, from first time investors and city executives to UK premiership football players.
  • They are committed to retaining a small & exclusive client list, focussing on the quality of each relationship and associated property investments.

Where are their properties?

  • MHK have built a real estate portfolio of £4.6M in six countries across three continents: Morocco, Bulgaria, UK, Turkey, Italy and Australia.
  • They primarily focus on residential property and land with development potential.
  • Their portfolio is diverse, ranging from urban apartments and mountain villas to plots of coastal land.
  • They are also about to commence a 15-villa development in the Atlas foothills (an hour from Marrakech) neighbouring Branson’s hotel Kasbah Tamadot and the new Wirgane dam project.
  • MHK are currently negotiating on land and property in the ski resort of Pamporovo and emerging areas of the Bulgarian coast; in the Swedish cities Stockholm and Malmo; on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey; the west coast of Morocco; the west coast of Australia; and in Wanaka, New Zealand.